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How To Make Your Content Stand Out This Summer

May 21, 2020

As the summer heat sets in, what often first comes to mind are beaches, vacations, and other fun activities under the sun.

However, as marketers, it’s not enough that we take note of the trends. We should set our sights beyond summer activities and understand how it affects people’s behaviors. Keep in mind, though, that the best insights are those that come from the simplest of observations.

For example, we all know that students go on summer break — two months of no time whatsoever in school. It’s easy to deduce that, given how close Gen Z is to technology, less time in school means more time to be online and on social media. Thus, now is the perfect time for content that targets them.

Another one: yes, we know that summer is a time for vacations. People head to the beach, go on hikes, etc. But the insight here is that while many go online to post what they're doing outdoors, long content may not be the best strategy for marketers. These people are also not just sitting in their living room, in spaces conducive for reading.

These are just simple observations that can significantly affect your summer content. The question is, how can you take advantage of these observations?

We helped answer this question at GetCraft’s recent Manila Creators Meetup titled “What's Hot: How To Make Your Content Shine This Summer” held last March 26, where Kate Delos Reyes, Managing Director at GetCraft and Henzel Gapay, Assistant Brand Manager at Havaianas shared tips on how to make brand stories shine this season.

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Summer searching

According to Google Trends, based on searches online, people do not see summer as just a season. It’s a lifestyle. Topping online searches are topics related to fitness, fashion, and cooling products.

This information tells us that people have an image of what their ideal summer should be; it is an event they have to prepare for. So before and during the summer, they search for content that would guide them towards a sunny summer experience.

Given this, what types of content must you pursue?

Bite-sized and enjoyable content

Think “how can this brighten my summer?”

Again, people want a bright and happy experience. Bite-sized content may be ideal for delivering “happy pills” online. Short comics, vlogs, IG stories; marketers should set their mind on these mediums that can satisfy in the shortest time possible.

A good example of this would be how GetCraft commissioned the creation of short but sweet comics to promote McDonald’s McFreeze in the Philippines.

It may also be a good idea to look at influencer marketing, as this need for enjoyable stories works best with co-created, native content.

Influencers are best at engaging followers. They are masters of short-form via social media accounts, and summer may just be the right time to tap into these abilities.

Take a look at how GetCraft tapped 10 credible bloggers to spread the word on McDo’s Secret Menu.

Helpful content

As mentioned earlier, summer is seen as an event people prepare for.

To make the most out of summer, people go online to consume a lot of how-to videos, testimonials, and blog posts.

Quick listicles would work as well. e.g., Five Steps To Have A Fun Barkada Trip This Summer, Travel Hacks For Budget-Friendly Adventures, etc.

Influencers can also be used as tastemakers to guide consumers.

Quorn, for example, worked with GetCraft to get 31 influencers (Moms, Fitness Enthusiasts, Foodies, Vegetarian & Vegans) to try out their product and share how they personally use it in their cooking.

This adds a spritz of personalization in the creation of helpful and insightful content.

Inspirational content

"How can summer plans be spiced up?"

This is where inspirational content comes in. Marketing content which carries images of an ideal summer—travel, bonding with family or friends, food—resonates with people’s aspirations.

Havianas, for example, doesn’t just promote its product, but the potential of what one can be using their product. The flip-flops brand pushes people to go on the road, to take the next step, to journey to places they have yet to discover.

Using influencers also is an advantage for summer content. Tap into travel vloggers, fitness gurus, to produce wow-inducing images for your brand.

Just as summer brings people to prepare and take advantage of the season, so should you as a marketer.

It’s not too late, follow our tips and your content will be shining like the summer sun!

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