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Philippine Digital and Content Marketing Report 2017

May 26, 2020

The Philippine digital and content marketing industry is poised for further growth as the internet reaches more and more of the population. The country is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia and has managed to strengthen its purchasing power despite global headwinds in 2016. Its young and booming population is highly engaged in social media, making them low-hanging fruit that businesses can reach for.

Big brands are pouring in capital to capture a share of local consumption. Small-to-medium enterprises attempt to hack growth. Media and publishers are going digital and increasingly leveraging their audiences for revenue. All of them need marketers to seize opportunities. As technology evolves at warp speed, however, marketers are sometimes unsure how to best help.

GetCraft in this study puts together data and insights based on a survey of marketers across major cities in the Philippines in an attempt to get a sense of the issues they have identified within their industries and the strengths that can help them address these issues.

The Philippine Digital and Content Marketing Report 2017 by GetCRAFT aims to address some of the following questions and pain points commonly faced by marketers:

  • How much of the total marketing budget is commonly spent on digital?
  • What is the most effective digital channel for you to use?
  • How should you measure the success of digital and content marketing campaigns?
  • How can you address skills gaps and budget restraints in running digital campaigns?

Social media is central to the discussion here, with most marketers still considering it the most effective marketing channel. This paper also looks into the trends of content marketing and influencer campaigns.

Mobile marketing, inevitably intertwined with social media, will also be examined, as marketers ride on the country’s huge and continuously growing mobile subscriber base. Alongside mobile, content marketing and customer experience are considered the most exciting digital marketing opportunities.

Video, deemed by marketers in GetCRAFT’s survey as the most effective type of content, will also be explored. As Filipinos spend more time on social media than in watching television, they are also increasingly watching videos from mobile screens. The Philippine Digital and Content Marketing Report will look into the implications of such trends for marketers and brands.

The challenges identified in this report include budget restraints and consequent gaps in knowledge, skills and resources. This paper argues that these issues are the result of difficulty in demonstrating return on investment in digital and content marketing. GetCRAFT in this paper puts forward potential solutions to these concerns.

This report seeks to provide unbiased digital and content marketing industry snapshots and invoke ideas on propelling these trends forward. Findings are listed along with insights and advice, complemented by opinion of industry experts. This report showcases opportunities for industry stakeholders to acknowledge challenges.

The goal of this report is to inform the readers about the current state of digital and content marketing in the Philippines, identify pain points among marketers, and explore solutions. This report embodies GetCRAFT’s mission of spurring industry growth through knowledge-sharing.

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