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Make Your Brand Feel More Personal With EDM Marketing

May 21, 2020

If you’re in marketing, and you still think EDM is about dance music, you need some catching up to do.

At first thought, Electronic Direct Mail marketing, or EDM marketing, may readily be conflated with email marketing. Well, that’s not necessarily wrong, but EDM marketing is the logical next step to email marketing.

Going beyond blasting emails to a database of the collected e-addresses of your customers and potential customers, EDM marketing utilizes cross-media channels to reinforce campaign messages.

Simply put, it is using your database to generate continuous communication from your brand to your captive audience using social media ads, SMS, and other forms of remarketing.

Why do you need to get into EDM marketing?

EDM marketing is part of the continuous effort of building a personalized brand experience.

In a minute we can go into specific examples why this is the case, but first, let’s backtrack a bit for context.

These days, many brands make the fault of thinking marketing is all about social media presence. They hire social media managers, regularly post content, deep down hoping something will go “viral.”

Truth be told, this mindset can be a bit old-fashioned. Yes, you can still go this route, but to create compelling digital marketing, there needs to be a consolidated effort of different approaches.

For one, you should never neglect your captive market. Acquisition will always be a goal, but cultivating your captive market is a must. This is where EDM marketing comes in.

How did you get your audiences’ email contacts? Did you give them a quiz? An ebook? A free video course? Or are these the people who have previously made a purchase from your brand or availed of your service?

Regardless of what it may be, the mere fact that your brand has their details means they willingly gave it to you. They gave it to your brand because they have an interest in you in one way or another.

Are you just going to let that info go stagnant? You can use EDM marketing to grow this interest.

Start with newsletters

One way is through a newsletter.

What is your brand about? It would be nice to continually remind your audience of this by sending them regular information about your products and services (it doesn’t have to be every day, but well enough for them to remember you). Try exclusive special offers, news about your brand, listicles about related topics, curated stories fitting of your brand. The possibilities are endless.

The main goal here is making your audience feel like they are part of a community. You want to make them feel like your brand transcends transactions and takes an effort to connect on a more personal level.

This is just the first step. Through EDM marketing, you can follow through on your communication.

Follow-through with remarketing

As long as you are moving within your site’s term and conditions, and you’re not violating any forms of data privacy, your email database can be used for targeted ads.

Via tools like Google Adwords, those who have previously logged onto your site may be able to see your ads on other websites. The same targeting may also be done with boosted posts and ads on Facebook.

But so things may not feel so invasive, you may want to soften your messaging in these avenues. Share relevant brand news (e.g., product launches, special events, sales) or a simple come-on with your brand’s contact details.

The trick is, same with newsletters, you don’t want to go for hard sell all the time.

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Minimal cost for maximum reach

What’s nice about EDM marketing is at its base, emails are virtually costless.

Everyone these days have an email address (most services—whether it may be opening a savings account or logging into your social media profile—require them), and through e-mail, you can communicate with customers, tell them about new products or services, and, hopefully, make a sale.

Of course, you could always up the ante by using premium online tools and other paid services that systematize your email blasts, but still, traditional email marketing can do wonders.

In fact, a study by the DMA says that emails have been shown to outperform PPC and SEO.

Through EDM marketing, you can strengthen your base efforts by complementing your emails with cross-channel communication.

Think of it this way, if you have strong and personalized marketing efforts through your mailing list, no matter how many modifications are enacted onto today’s social media platform, you will never be at the mercy of their changing algorithms.

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