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Video Marketing Tips For Brand's Next Campaign

May 21, 2020

Video marketing is now one of the most popular methods marketers use to reach their audiences. Half of marketers plan to distribute content on YouTube and Facebook Video in 2018 based on a Hubspot survey. There are several reasons why video marketing is king: videos are easier to understand, great for SEO, and, ultimately, perform well in conversion.

Although video requires more effort to produce, video marketing can also be more efficient. To get the best return on investment (ROI), start with a clear budget. With digital tools available, and amid the dominance of content marketing and sponsored content, there is a wide range of options for your video marketing needs.

Here are some of the best video marketing tips we've learned:

Short-duration videos with strong starts

Microsoft found that the average human attention span is a mere 8 seconds. In addition, on average, the audience will only watch a video for a maximum of 2.7 minutes. These data points suggest that if you want to keep the audience engaged, you need to capture your viewer's attention early and sustain it.

Keeping that in mind, make sure your video marketing will get viewers hooked within the first 2.7 seconds, and be mindful of what some refer to as a story beat, a pattern in which attention-grabbing moments are embedded throughout the video duration, usually in 8-second intervals, to keep audiences engaged or involved.

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Leigh Reyes, MullenLowe Philippines President and Chief Creative Officer, says the marketers should think of story beats for online content. The traditional pattern used in television (top sketch), might work with the right media spend, but a more compelling pattern gives viewers something to be excited about ideally every 8 seconds. (Image courtesy of Leigh Reyes)

Explore emotionally stimulating themes

One common video marketing objective we hear nowadays is to "go viral." Although we maintain that virality is something that you can achieve with strong and consistent media spending over the years, if you're working toward this goal, emotionally stimulating videos would be a good starting point. Emotional content also tends to stay relevant for a long time.

Creating emotionally stimulating content can make you feel uncomfortable, but an expert says this is a good sign. "If something makes you think a little bit harder and it’s making you think ‘Why am I liking this or why am I uncomfortable?’, don’t be afraid to go through that process," MullenLowe Philippines President and Chief Creative Officer Leigh Reyes advises.

Have a strong distribution plan for your video marketing

To maximize the outreach of your video marketing campaigns, spend some time to strategize all the distribution channels for your video. Study the channels available for you and identify the ones that suit your needs. If you want the video on your website, consider publishing first on a platform like YouTube and embedding it, so that the video will appear on two platforms at once.

One of the crucial video marketing tips is that you should put a lot of thought on the text that will accompany your video, as this will help SEO. If you want to target specific keywords, make sure they appear in the caption to improve the discoverability of your video marketing content. The text that accompanies your video could also be key to making it more shareable.

Choose the right producers (and get video marketing tips from them, too)

With the spectrum of video content types broadening, your options for partners for your video marketing campaigns are also increasing. An interesting trend is dominance of video in content marketing and sponsored content. What's great about working with expert content producers, publishers and influencers is that they can also give you video marketing tips from ideation to distribution.

The GetCraft Marketplace gives you a good picture of the video marketing landscape, and in fact connects you directly to content partners you can work with. Through our platform, you also get to see the estimated cost of video production or distribution through sponsored content channels. Visit the Marketplace now to start your video marketing journey.

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