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5 Elements Of An Effective Influencer Brief

May 22, 2020

Writing a detailed influencer brief might be the last thing on your mind as a busy brand manager, but it’s time for a mindset shift. First, influencers are in high demand and your brief is nothing less of a pitch to get them to sell your brand on their valuable digital real estate. Second, sending a half-baked brief could mean not getting as much ROI from your influencer marketing campaign.

Here are five essential elements that every effective influencer brief should have.

1. Advertiser/brand overview

It might be obvious but it needs to be said: your influencer brief should start with the name of the advertiser or brand running the campaign. A short explainer (2-3 sentences) on who you are and what you do or sell will also be helpful.

This is very important because there is a good chance that an influencer receives many requests to collaborate. Identifying your document ensures that it won’t be confused with other campaigns.

You may also consider including some examples of past campaigns so that they can get a better idea of your brand and how your product or service is used.

2. Campaign goals

You need to establish clear campaign goals and expected results in your influencer brief. A few examples of a campaign goal would be to sell the product, promote your service, or increase brand awareness. The expected results, on the other hand, should be measurable outcomes like social engagement metrics (impressions, likes, comments, shares) or traffic to your landing page (through a tracking link).

Before finalizing your campaign goals and expected results, be sure to take into consideration the influencer’s unique reach/following and expertise. It also doesn’t hurt to take the time to consult with them and work on an agreeable setup.

3. List of deliverables

To ensure that the brand and the influencer are on the same page, your brief needs to include a detailed scope of work. Vague instructions lead to misinterpretations on the influencer's end, and disappointments on yours.

A clear scope of work will include the following:

  • Type of content. State whether you need a photo, video, blog post, story, etc.
  • Social media platform to be used. Influencers use more than one platform, so make sure you state if you want them to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Tags and hashtags. Make sure you include your official brand and/or campaign #hashtags and state if you want your brand page to be tagged in the post.
  • Schedule. Timing is everything in digital marketing. Don’t forget to include when or how often you need the posts submitted to you for approval, and when you need them posted on the platforms.
  • Caption. Be sure to include a call to action with tracking link (“Go to link in bio to get a huge discount!”)

4. Specify what not to do

An influencer brief also needs to state if anything must be omitted. These can include words, imagery, or talking points that may be harmful to the brand or the campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Pictures or any reference to alcohol, drugs, or sex
  • Profanity
  • Reference to competitors
  • Reference to other brands or sponsored posts

5. Style references

It’s very important to include visual style references or mood boards in your influencer brief. Images can help an influencer get a good grasp of the style your campaign is going for. Bear in mind that, more than any other part of your brief, these images will have the most influence on the content they’ll create for you.

Bonus tip

While it’s important to crystal clear about what you need for your campaign, don’t forget to leave room for creative freedom. After all, the influencer you are working with has built and nurtured their audience with the unique attributes of their content.

Influencers are trusted figures in industry-specific communities with loyal followings. If you want to get the most ROI on your influencer marketing efforts and make an impact on a potential customer’s decision to buy, invest time in your influencer brief. Make sure you include all the right elements so you can set your campaign up for success.

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