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Get Serious With Exciting Content

May 21, 2020

When it comes to content marketing, there’s no need to be boring in a serious industry.

Whether it’s banking, insurance, or other industries where you have to get serious with numbers and tasks, content marketing can be as flexible for you as a prima ballerina. And on this stage, you can bend your industry’s story—whether boring or not—the way you want to.

Don’t worry if you’re in an industry that tends to be serious. We’ve rounded up 7 exciting ways to make your serious content sound interesting and sexy:

1. Shock them like it’s hot

When done carefully, taking a controversial position is a good tactic in getting people’s attention. Make sure to do the necessary research to back up your claims, and avoid making offensive attacks that may alienate your audiences. The point is to get people to look and think twice. How often can you do that for serious, or sometimes even boring topics?

This is effective because people can be passionate about their viewpoints. And that’s also what will get them to reading and interacting with your content.

You have to remember, though, that once you take a side, you have to be firm about it. Do not suddenly switch sides in the middle of an article as this will cause confusion, and maybe even your credibility. Remember that as much as giving a shock-value to your content is good advice, never do anything just for the clicks.

Always produce content, whether shocking or otherwise, with the mindset of being informational.

2. Turn the snooze on business jargon

When people go online to learn something, it’s most likely because they can’t understand the materials available to them. So as much as you want to turn on the business babble on your content, make sure you don’t use it as much.

Turn the snooze button on, if you don’t want your readers to snooze on you!

3. Mental breakdown!

Give readers mental breathers by making your article look like an easy read.

Sometimes, even when it’s written in a conversational manner, reading new content can still be too much information for your reader to process. Don’t overwhelm your readers; give them little mental breaks with content that looks easy to read.

Sometimes, just breaking down your sentences or paragraphs can give the illusion of an easy read.

4. Conciseness is sexy

When explaining something, don’t beat around the bush. It’s best to go straight to the point of what you’re trying to explain, and then cite illustrations later.

Explanations are why some content become boring. Sometimes, the reader just wants to get to the point, but can’t find it in the article. This is a big no-no as your reader might simply click on the X button when they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for.

5. Visualize concepts

Much like visualizing the word ‘sexy’ with a hot bod, it’s best to use different media to tell your story visually.

If you’re talking about a long process, or maybe even talking about the growth of numbers, maybe you can use a chart or even an illustrative video to explain your concept.

People can be very visual beings, and with all the competition on the internet, whether it’s articles or video advertisements, you have to be very visual in your storytelling.

6. Tell people’s stories

It can’t be all about the numbers. There must be an industry leader you can tap to tell their story. If not, maybe a simple illustration of a great thing they did for your type of business would suffice.

This point is comparable to children and children’s stories. With the short attention span of children, they always like stories of dragons and princesses. This is because it’s something out of the ordinary. And if you can replicate something like that through industry leaders, your readers will definitely keep their attention on you.

7. Seduce them with facts

As much as we discourage numbers and technical jargon, factual information are still very useful and can support any claim—that’s sexy!

Information is hot, and the usefulness of an article is even hotter.

When a reader takes time to read an article, this means that they are looking for useful information. And if they took the time to read your whole content, that means you’re seriously sexy—by that we mean, highly entertaining and informational.

Make sure to lace your articles with facts and exciting illustrations to get your reader through your article without a single yawn.

Content marketing can be easy, especially with the help of the GetCraft Marketplace. This is where you can get access to individually vetted writers and content producers who can create interesting content for you.

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