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One Of The Easiest Ways To Create Social Media Content

May 21, 2020

For most brands, social media is the top priority when it comes to digital channels and content marketing. This is not surprising, as the number of internet users grows and time spent on social media also increases. Data suggest that brands can reach up to a total of more than 2 billion globally using Facebook ads and some 840 million using Instagram ads.

A strong and consistent social media presence plays a crucial role in building brand awareness among a wide network of people. But for brands who are still in the early stages of establishing themselves on social media, gaining traction and competitive advantage might seem expensive, time-consuming and downright overwhelming.

The challenge is not only for you to post consistently to build a habit among your followers but also for you to produce content that will stand out from the cluttered digital space. You can address these issues by working with expert content creators for social media copy, visuals and even videos that are then posted by a social media manager.

But to add more punch to the content you’re producing for your own channels, you might want to explore the co-creation of content with influencers. It is a cost-effective way to diversify your creative executions, widen your reach and strengthen your brand’s association to highly trusted influencers.

Creating social media content with influencers is different from sponsored influencer content. With sponsored influencer content, influencers talk about the brand on their own social media channels. When you co-create content with influencers, however, influencers create and post content which you also post on your own channels apart.

Social media content co-creation with influencers is something Sperry does well. The brand popular for its boat shoes established long-term engagements with influencers called Sperry Ambassadors. These include athletes, artists and adventurers who regularly post content that Sperry then republishes on its own channels.

The Sperry campaign basically passed on the process of creating social media content to partners who are great at doing so and who live lifestyles that the brand’s target audience can easily relate to. This means you don’t only appear active on social media, you also keep the right followers interested and highly engaged in your content.

Another brand that makes great use of content co-created with social media is Traveloka. Working with GetCraft, the travel app worked with groups of influencers in the Philippines who tagged Traveloka on Instagram posts about their travel experiences and allowed Traveloka to repost those pieces in its own social media pages.

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By doing so, Traveloka also prolonged the lifespan of influencer content, working around the tendency of influencers to take down content from their feeds within a certain period of time. We must note, however, that the reposting arrangement is something that must be clear at the onset, as influencers might charge differently for it.

Apart from reposting influencer content, Traveloka has also leveraged on its engagement with influencers to create a stream of user-generated content. The travel app asked influencers to recruit participants to contests that involved posting thematic travel posts using hashtags #VitaminSea, #ClimbEveryMountain and #ProudlyPinoy.

The hashtag campaigns produced in a matter of weeks hundreds of user-generated posts that Traveloka may use for its own social channels. Social media scheduling app Buffer attests to the effectiveness of user-generated content on social media, something the brand itself used to grow their following by 400% in a year.

What makes influencers great partners in creating social media content is the fact that they are not only expert content producers, they are also trusted sources of content. But it is also important for you to choose the influencers who match your brand objectives, something that our marketplace helps you do efficiently.

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