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Why You Should Do An Instagram Takeover

May 21, 2020

Are you looking to test the waters of influencer marketing or add a new layer of engagement to your current strategy? An Instagram takeover might do the trick.

If you’ve been working with influencers, an Instagram takeover can be a refreshing way to increase brand exposure and provide interesting content to their audiences. If you’re looking to work with influencers, on the other hand, you can use the results of the takeover as a gauge of what large scale influencer marketing can do for your brand.

An Instagram takeover is when an influencer or content creator logs into your brand’s official account and posts content on your behalf for a set period of time. Terms should be set beforehand, and the influencer must have a clear idea of what can and can’t be posted. However, brands who need tighter control of their content can ask the influencer to prepare content in advance so that it can be pre-approved for posting.

When done well, Instagram takeovers can be incredibly efficient in allowing brands and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content on social media. They also make it easy for you to do the following:

Tap into niche audiences and groups

By hosting an Instagram takeover and cross-promoting content with a partner influencer, you are exposing your brand to audiences who would not have seen your content any other way.

Think of it as the digital equivalent of late night TV shows where fans of celebrities are compelled to watch the show in which the celebrity is a guest, even if they don’t normally watch the show. This creates an opportunity for you to quickly bring in new followers, explore new market segments, and connect with a whole new breed of audiences.

Gain instant credibility

An Instagram takeover is also one of the easiest and most affordable ways to boost brand credibility through influencer marketing. Your target consumers are most likely to emulate the people they look up to. Showing them that the people they trust are supporters of your brand is an effective and more authentic way of gaining their trust as well.

It doesn’t have to cost you your entire marketing budget. You can start by working with one influencer, gradually building the lineup to include experts from other industries or fields of interest.

Build mutual trust and strengthen relationships with influencers

The good news is, this works both ways! The influencer making an appearance on your Instagram is also introduced to your account’s followers, allowing the influencer to expand his or her audiences as well. He or she is also given the opportunity to assume gain the trust of your brand’s existing followers by assuming a position of authority. This win-win situation paves the way to mutual trust and healthy relationships between you and the influencers you work with.

Produce authentic and interesting content

When an influencer genuinely supports your brand and is excited about collaborating with you on a project, it shows in the content they produce. This kind of authenticity is refreshing to most audiences who only get to interact with your brand through conventional ads.

Humanize your brand

People respond to people, and an Instagram takeover is a great way to let audiences interact with a real, live human. Doing so also allows you to demonstrate your products or services in a more human context, making your content more experiential and down-to-earth.

Create a sense of urgency around your brand’s products or services

Because Instagram takeovers happen within a short window, audiences are more inspired to take action, especially if it coincides with an online promo or contest. This gives brands a chance to build and nurture relationships through a dedicated team of social media managers that are ready to jump in and take advantage of the possible influx of comments and inquiries.

Influencer takeovers are quite tricky to pull off if you haven’t done it before, and its results could also be a bit challenging to track. However, doing it with the help of experienced marketers and content creators can turn it into a really productive and worthwhile experience. The GetCraft Marketplace is good way to start searching for the right influencers to work with.

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