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4 Questions to Help Shape Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

May 22, 2020

As companies start to tie their 2020 marketing campaigns together, it always helps to look at the past year’s trends and campaigns to help you craft your plan moving forward. Brushing up on this year’s data can help you become more informed about the steps you will take as you prepare your brand for what’s to come.

If you’re still tying loose ends, we’re here to help you plan your approach by unlocking insights from 2019 that can help you with your 2020 marketing campaigns. We’ve come up with four questions that can guide your brand in coming up with the most effective strategy for 2020.

What kind of short-term and long-term goals should businesses include in next year’s marketing campaigns?

Consumers are now smarter and more informed than ever. They don’t hesitate to learn more about products and services before making a purchase. That’s why it’s important for brands to make sure that the experience and expense will be worthwhile for their customers.

Brand goals are a case to case basis. Some businesses have more or greater goals to achieve than others. But according to Chris Legaspi, senior strategy manager of GetCraft Philippines, one thing that brands could use more of is their customers’ trust. “With the shift of the modern audience becoming more speculative and distrusting, brands should focus on finding ways to build or recover brand trust.”

Some brands make it easy for customers to trust them, while others need to work harder at it. These can help inform a brand’s marketing strategy that can help them carry out more effective campaigns to get the confidence of their customers in 2020.

Will 2019 marketing trends carry over next year? Which ones?

2019 saw a lot of opportunities for content marketing, influencer marketing, and sponsored content campaigns. Personalized marketing coupled with authentic content has proven to be effective. But with more innovations on the horizon, marketers are expected to keep up with new technology as well.

Legaspi believes that these technologies and channels are not going anywhere, and will keep growing. “With so many innovations that came into the marketing world—Chatbot, AI, Voice Search, AR & Experience Marketing, Ephemeral Marketing, Influencers, Storytelling, Hyper-Targeting, E-Commerce—we know that they’re all there to stay, evolve and become more complicated and exciting versions of themselves.”

However, the most important thing that brands should keep in mind that the story they tell is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Legaspi emphasized, “While marketers will continue to learn, master and allocate resources for these innovations, the common thread that will continue through vectors old and new and will make them successful will always be good storytelling.”

How important is it to increase marketing budget for 2020?

Marketing budget and how to allocate it is always tricky. Now that brands have more channels to tap and types of output to create, where and how much to invest in these campaigns need to be sorted out before ironing out any plan for 2020.

This is especially true for brands that don’t have a lot to allocate to begin with, in order to keep up. Legaspi said, “While it is always recommended to increase marketing budgets to allow marketers to double down on effective vectors and get better ROIs, this might not always be the case for brands that don’t have as much to shell out.”

One piece of advice: always leave some wiggle room for trying things out. “For 2020, it’s a healthy rule for marketers to follow is to allocate enough budget to cover all their efforts that are producing good ROI and provide enough budget for experimentation for innovative vectors that they feel their audience might resonate best with.”

What new marketing resources will brands need?

The new year is the best time to adapt to new trends. If you haven’t fully caught up with current marketing technology, better do it in 2020. According to Legaspi, “In a year where data is becoming more and more important, it is already a given that brands should get access to tracking and analytics tools to help them further optimize and hyper-target their efforts.”

Since content is expected to grow more on-demand in the coming year, brands should also be prepared. Legaspi mentioned that forming in-house production teams can help brands produce more agile content.

More than technology, it’s also important for brands to establish their credibility and relevance in the coming year. What could help with that? Working with people they can trust. Legaspi said, “In an age where the truthfulness of content is always scrutinized, brands will need stronger and more genuine allies to help leverage their credibility for brand trust.”

If you want to learn more about planning for next year’s campaigns, GetCraft can help you develop a winning 2020 marketing strategy. Join us at the Manila Marketers Meetup on Tuesday, September 17, for “How to Plan for Your 2020 Marketing Campaign.”

Join us at the GetCraft Manila Marketers Meetup!

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