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Marketing To Millennial Moms: A Guide For Content Marketers

May 21, 2020

When you envision a millennial, you’re likely to imagine a single twenty-something traveling the world and snapping selfies for the gram.

Millennials have been described in a number of ways, but not often are they described as parents. However, with the oldest millennials now approaching 40, it's not a surprise that they are now transitioning into parenthood.

In fact, 20% of moms is a millennial.

As one of the most highly-coveted demographic groups in modern marketing, millennial moms wield such high economic power—and yet they are often completely misunderstood.

To communicate effectively with millennial moms, marketers need to acknowledge and understand that this group is completely different from their own mothers.

But what are the exact behaviors that differentiate the millennial mom from the generation before her?

Similar to their contemporaries, millennial moms spend less time on traditional channels and more time online compared to the generation before them (the Gen X Moms).

Momsourcing is how she gets information

One of the first things to go out the window after a woman gives birth is her social life. But for the millennial mom, social media is her social life.

Their comfort with social media has trickled down to their parenting habits. She spends time online to socialize with friends, ask for advice from other moms, seek support, and look for parenting tips and inspiration.

There is even a term for it—momsourcing—when moms use online channels to find answers from other moms.

Many communities—websites, Facebook groups, influencer groups, event organizers—have been built to provide answers to the growing needs of millennial parents.

She not only counts on online communities for moral support but also guidance in purchase decisions.

On the flip-side, millennial moms are also decision-influencers. They are more likely to provide opinions and recommendations. They also cite themselves as key advisors among their circle of friends.

Our tip? Join the conversation. Given the conversations that happen around many parenting topics, brands should join the conversation, if not lead it.

Google is the millennial mom’s best friend

They say that parenthood does not come with a manual. Actually, in this time, it does. It’s called Google.

But how do moms filter through all that information? When their search topics vary from breastfeeding to “baon” ideas, to potty training, to how to make a DIY volcano—how do they choose which sources to trust? What content resonates with them?

According to the 2014 Millennial Mom Report, these are the three qualities that win them over:

  • HELPFUL. “I can do it now, thanks to your help.”
  • EMOTIONAL. “This is so me! I can relate!” Moms love it when brands understand them.
  • MEANINGFUL. Moms like brands that share the same values as they do—whether they be the use of organic ingredients, sustainable farming, eco-friendly practices, or even supporting causes such as education, sanitation or poverty alleviation.

What can brands do, then?

Make them look and feel good. Entertain them. Show them that you “get them.”

Develop products and apps that make life easier for them. Help them find healthy options for their little ones. Value their family’s safety, and tell them that you do.

Millennial moms welcome branded content

Contrary to what you may think, millennial moms welcome branded content, especially if it answers some questions they may have. They are constantly seeking guidance, from more serious topics such as breastfeeding to even the silliest one such as “how to make my baby burp.” There are some that they consider as thought leaders in this space, and they are more than welcome to hear from them.

In fact, 3 out of 4 millennial parents are open to videos by brands or companies on YouTube when seeking guidance on parenting topics, says Google.

Our tip? Aim for thought leadership. In this generation, thought leadership comes first. Market leadership will follow. Brands must communicate their domain expertise and make sure that audiences and the search engines know. (Yes, SEO is important.)

Modern marketing can guide the purchase decisions of millennial moms

To millennial moms, safety and purchase convenience are top priorities when making purchasing decisions.

They search for products that have been proven safe to use and consume, but they also tend to choose those which are convenient to buy.

However, brands need to deliver these features in order to gain the loyalty of millennial moms. Take note that loyalty for this generation is based on the experience and not just the brand. So brands need to deliver every single time.

And, because convenience is a priority, most millennial moms are e-commerce users. And this is where it gets a bit tricky for marketers.

3 out of 4 millennial moms make purchases online

In traditional commerce, your potential customer goes to your store to evaluate your product. She will test the product, try it on, ask your store staff. She will get all the information she needs to make a purchase decision.In e-commerce, however, there is no physical store that can provide those pieces of information. How can your potential customer now decide whether to buy your product or not?

This is the role of content in e-commerce. Content helps your prospect evaluate your product without having to go to the store. And content does this in many different ways.

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Our tip? Bridge the gap with content. In e-commerce, plenty is lost during the time your customer is made aware of your product and the time she possibly buys your product. Our role as marketers is to use content in a smart way to help our customers decide to buy our product.

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