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How To Refresh Evergreen Content (And Keep It Fresh)

May 21, 2020

When we hear about content that is “evergreen,” we automatically ascribe to it this notion of timelessness.

Many marketers think that evergreen content, by their mere existence, will already drive traffic and be a constant source of page views and click.

They believe that it can just stand on its own. This is a grave misconception.

But if this isn’t evergreen content, then what is?

Understanding evergreen content

Yes, in essence, evergreen content is timeless content. But timelessness doesn’t equate to constant clicks. A story may be the kind that will always grab the attention of readers, but it is the job of marketers to make sure that this content never grows stagnant.

Meaning, no matter how exciting your content may be, if it is forgotten and if there’s no effort to drive awareness, it will just lay there—still green but without purpose.

What you have to do is take note of your evergreen content and—just like great pieces of entertainment—re-release, reinvent, and remix it to grab the attention of viewers.

Identifying your evergreen content

What you first need to do is to pinpoint which of your content is truly evergreen.

Evergreen content shouldn’t be beholden to a specific time period. It shouldn’t be the kind that is outdated in a week.

(So no, just because Christmas repeats every year, and just because you see your article's page views spiking every December years after publication, that doesn’t mean your content is evergreen. Evergreen is all year round.)

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What topics would fit as evergreen content?

For starters, “Question and Answers” posts work well as evergreen content.

“What is [blank]?,” “Why is [blank]?”—People are always in search of answers. Especially if you’re dealing with niche topics.

How-to Articles” and “Step-by-Step Guides” also serve the same purpose as they detail the intricacies of topics. They serve as deep-dives for those who want to learn.

“Analysis Articles/Essays” also are good evergreen content, especially if your article has research data and case studies.

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Repurposing evergreen content

If you think you lack these kinds of articles, merely take it as a sign that you have to produce more evergreen content. But if you do identify articles which you think are evergreen, it’s time to repurpose or at least strengthen them.

It’s never too late to correct mistakes. For one, you can try editing your articles’ titles and URLs to make them more SEO friendly. You can try Google’s keyword planner.

A simple Google search can also help you see what the competition is doing. Type the keywords you think your content should appear under. If they don’t appear after a quick search, study the articles that do pop up and what they are doing.

Editing for optimization is just part of the basics. To full-on repurpose your evergreen content, you can even change their form overall. In the age of social media, the possibilities are endless.

  • Got a feature article on your product? Why not turn it into a short video? Anything from 30 seconds to 3 minutes is fine. You can still link your previous article in the caption of your video.
  • How about a research article before? Is it data heavy? Why not create an infographic or an interactive data story? Visualizations can help audiences appreciate your message better.
  • You can even turn quotes from your previous articles into square images for pushing on Instagram and Twitter.

All these approaches can help reinvigorate not only past content but also your website, your brand, and everything else as a whole. If planned and done right, soon enough you’ll see results. You’ll see web traffic increasing, as well as higher returning traffic.

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Remember to think long-term in producing new evergreen content. Think of it this way, with enough evergreen content, you wouldn’t even need to rely on seasonal stories with short lifespans.

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