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3 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Effective

May 20, 2020

Conventional ads are now said to be a thing of the past, with audiences more wary and weary of messages that interrupt their online experience. The industry is now looking to content marketing, which, instead of breaking the user experience, seeks to enrich it. Here are some of the reasons content marketing is effective according to marketers:

1. Content marketing can communicate more messages

Using conventional formats, you can create only 3 to 5 versions of its marketing message as promotional messages advertised in paid media such as banner ads.

With content marketing, however, you can push out more than 50 unique pieces of content per month or per campaign, giving you a chance to reach more consumers with different interests and needs.

This capability is one of the top reasons why content marketing is effective, especially at a time when consumers are bombarded by content and at the same time given greater control over the content they consume. Now, more than ever, you need to produce content that resonate with your audience.

The ability to reach a wider range of audiences means better brand visibility, stronger brand reputation and social media presence, higher inbound traffic, better performance in search engine optimization (SEO), and, ultimately, better conversion rate.

2. Measuring performance enables content to be optimized over the time

Another reason why content marketing is effective is that it allows you to clearly demonstrate return on investment. Digital media optimization is the basis of content marketing, which helps you monitor and measure the performance of content over time.

With metrics, you can make more informed, data-driven decisions more quickly. If a campaign is not producing the results you want, you can quickly tweak it based on lessons you've learned from the campaigns that perform well.

This learning process helps you better understand how content drives your overall strategy.

3. Content marketing is cost efficient and helps paid media perform better

By educating  potential customers about product benefits upfront, content marketing is found to generate an average revenue per user or ARPU–total revenue divided by the number of customers generated–as much as 2.5 times higher than paid media.

Content marketing not only results in higher revenue but is also proven to help paid media efforts get better results through retargeting, or the distribution of paid ads to target audiences who previously accessed specific content.

Ads have been found to be 10 times more effective at converting when shown to customers who have already been exposed to educational content about your product or brand.

After telling you why content marketing is effective, we must also note that marketers we've talked to say they feel they don't have the skills and expertise to produce content at scale.

That's an issue we hope to address at GetCRAFT by allowing you directly discover and hire thousands of content creators across Southeast Asia to jumpstart your content marketing campaigns.

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