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Top 10 Filipino Freelance Designers For Brands To Work With

Aren Wong
October 16, 2020

There is no denying that freelancing has long been embraced by the Filipino creatives community. In recent years, it has even been considered an alternative to full-time work.

As the number of Filipino creators joining the GetCraft network continues to increase, we want to inspire each and every one of them into exploring our platform’s full potential when it comes to landing clients while honing their craft.

To do this, we’ve recently started our Top Creators series where we list down some of the best creators on the platform according to their category and the country they’re from. We already did the top freelance writers for Malaysia and the Philippines last week, so this time around we’re sharing the top Filipino designers on the GetCraft network.

For full transparency, this list was determined using the following criteria:

  • Years of experience as a professional in their respective area of content creation
  • Experience level of working with clients within the area of expertise
  • Quality level of published or showcased content created

Here are the Top 10 Filipino designers on the GetCraft Network!

1. JP Meneses

JP has over a decade of experience working closely with different magazines in the country. He has participated in the art  direction and design of local titles like F&B World and Town & Country Philippines. On top of his current position as an art director for a publishing company, he also takes on freelance work with media outlets on the side.

Type of Services Offered: Editorial Design, Desktop Publishing

Expertise: Gadgets, Games & Technology, Art, Design & Home, News, Law & Politics, Music

Price: USD 195

See JP’s Profile here!

2. jessieaspiras

With almost a decade of experience in digital advertising, Jessie has worked with several household brands like Nestle, Nestea, and Monde. Her skills include: art direction, product design, branding, and UI/UX design.

Type of Services Offered: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Graphic Design,

Expertise: Lifestyle, Travel

Price: USD 59 - USD 195

See Jessie’s Profile here!

3. AJ Trinidad (@flumestudio)

After 6 years as a creative professional in the advertising industry, AJ has worked closely with brands from a variety of industries. Her portfolio includes creative direction, branding, graphic design, video editing, and photography for successful projects with brands like: Mondelez, Unilab, L'Oreal, KFC, SM Supermalls, Globe Telecom, Huawei, and Toyota.

Type of Services Offered: Animation, Video Editing, Brand Identity Design, Logo Design

Expertise: Advertising, Creative, Branding, Video, Animation, Photography

Price: USD 156 - USD 488

See AJ’s Profile here!

4. Kinetic Design Studios

With the main goal of creating branding and video content to meet different business goals, Kinetic Design Studios has accomplished successful projects with brands like PAL, Globe, Jollibee, Sanrio, and Healthy Options.

Type of Services Offered: Illustration

Expertise: Creative, Branding, Design

Price: USD 117

See Kinetic Design Studio’s Profile here!

5. Pancake Maia

Pancake Maia is a Motion Graphic Artist with over a decade of experience in the industry. When she isn't doing graphic design and illustrations for clients, this frustrated writer also offers her writing services to her clients. She has previously worked with Jollibee and La Florentino Resort.

Type of Services Offered: Logo Design, Infographic

Expertise: Lifestyle, Infographics, Logo

Price: USD 98

See Pancake Maia’s Profile here!

6. Joanna Piojo

Joanna's portfolio covers working with different clients on projects like digital illustration, infographics, and visual designs for social media and websites. She has had hands-on participation in creating content for Avida Land's portal called Pursuit of Passion.

Type of Services Offered: Illustration, Infographic

Expertise: Product, Digital Marketing, Awareness

Price: USD 39 - USD 117

See Joanna’s Profile here!

7. Rafael Benedicto

Rafael has spent over half a decade in his dream profession, crafting characters that he personally loves. As a 3D modeler, he specializes in designing life-like characters for films, video games, and other commercial projects.

Type of Services Offered: 3D Character Illustration Design

Expertise: CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), Film and Video Games, 3D Modeling

Price: USD 976

See Rafael’s Profile here!

8. Marc G. Dimabuyu Graphic Design

Marc has over 10 years of experience in creating designs for branding, marketing, packaging, and point-of-sales merchandising. He has worked with clients like Anmum, Anchor, Anlene, and Ritza Life.

Type of Services Offered: Graphic Design

Expertise: Health & Pharma, Consumer Goods, Point-of-Sale Merchandising

Price: USD 49

See Marc’s Profile here!

9. Alyssa Joan DC

Alyssa sees design as a means of communication. In her years of experience as an in-house creative director, she has seen the crucial role that design plays in creating effective branding strategies that improve the human experience.

Type of Services Offered: Social Media Design, Illustration Design, Poster or Leaflet Design, Logo Design, Infographic or Gifographic Design, Brand Identity Design

Expertise: Travel, Gadget, Games & Technology

Price: USD 29 - USD 391

See Alyssa’s Profile here!

10. Jerolin Calatero

Jerolin is a multimedia artist who has worked with different brands for their marketing campaigns. With a focus on Art Direction and Digital Marketing, Jerolin's past clients include Whatchu, Bridgestone, Homecorp, and FedEx.

Type of Services Offered: Social Media Design

Expertise: Advertising, Marketing, Art Direction, Social Media,

Price: USD 98

See Jerolin’s Profile here!

And that completes our list of top Filipino freelance designers on the GetCraft network! Did you see any familiar names and faces? If you want more informative content from GetCraft, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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