What Covid-19 Means For Startup Ecosystems (And What Can Be Done)?

September 14, 2020

Since the last week or two, in the most literal sense, the world has stopped as everyone watched with disbelief the Covid-19 pandemic spread its reach across every corner of the globe. In the times where people need to stay indoors and away from each other, the challenges startups face, particularly the ones with a high physical component, are only increasing. Whether it’s the preventive measures or the general chaos, Covid-19 has caused extreme disruption socially and economically.

So, how business/startups founders and CEO react to this and what’s their thinking about how to overcome the obstacles amid Covid-19 disruption? How they shape their mind to make sure that they guide their businesses well through these times?

In this session, we will have Moses Lo, Co-Founder & CEO of Xendit —a financial technology company that he alongside three others started in 2015— who will be interviewed by Anthony Reza Prasetya, Co-Founder & CEO of GetCraft, where they will discuss what Covid-19 means for startup ecosystems (and what can be done)?

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