Understanding a Buyer’s Journey

Every month, GetCraft hosts the Manila Marketers Meetup where marketers and experts from various fields talk about trends, opportunities, and marketing challenges. In the past year, we have had experts from Google, LinkedIn and various advertising agencies to share their experiences and relevant insights on current trends and issues.

Join us for a live expert-led webinar featuring John Barcarlos (Performance Marketing Manager at Reachlab Advertising) and Homer Nievera (Chairman & Chief of Strategy at Mediablast Digital) as they share their views and insights on how marketers can optimize their marketing funnels and increase conversions through the budget ads spend optimization and affiliate marketing.

In this session, we will cover a few questions below:

The Power of Planning: How to optimize your budget ad spend for 2021
by John Barcarlos (Performance Marketing Manager at Reachlab Advertising)
(+) What is performance marketing?
( +) Why does it matter? How is it different from digital marketing?
(+) What are the most effective channels and types of content for performance marketing?
(+) How effective is performance marketing when it comes to driving sales?
(+) How do we measure the effectiveness of my performance marketing campaign?
(+) What are the successful performance marketing tips?

​​​​​​​E-commerce Conversion Strategies: Affiliate marketing and calculating the ROI
by Homer Nievera (Chairman & Chief of Strategy at Mediablast Digital)
(+) What is affiliate marketing? How effective is it?
(+) How do we calculate the ROI?
(+) How does the ecosystem of E-commerce work?
(+) How are marketers using affiliate marketing?
(+) What are the best practices & pain points for Affiliate marketing?

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Understanding a Buyer’s Journey

​​​​​​​How to optimize your marketing funnel to increase conversions and measure the ROI

John Barcarlos (Performance Marketing Manager, Reachlab Advertising) and Homer Nievera (Chairman & Chief of Strategy, Mediablast Digital)

FREE, at 4:00 - 5:30 PM PHT

​​​​​​​(+) ​​​​​​​If you're unable to make it this time, register now to have the recording access delivered to your inbox after the live event.

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