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YouTube Content Ideas For Brands

Kimberly Francisco
July 30, 2020

Running out of YouTube content ideas for your brand? With over 1 billion hours of content consumed on the channel every day, you cannot afford to let your video marketing strategy slide. 

Online videos are expected to make up more than 82% of consumer traffic by 2022. It's no surprise then that YouTube remains the second most popular site after Google and is also the second largest search engine in the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased online and digital activity globally and has changed the types of content that people want. Films, funny videos and memes, and how-to videos are among the top three types of content that people are looking for while they are stuck at home during the lockdown.

Image source: DataReportal (SlideShare), 2020

This shows the increasing pervasiveness of video in our lives – for entertainment, information, inspiration, and persuasion. Defining your content purpose is a great starting point for all marketers when coming up with YouTube content ideas for their brands. Once you’ve decided that, it's time to get your creative juices flowing and start brainstorming for ideas.

5 Types of YouTube Content Ideas  

1. Company culture videos

Videos are a great way to show off your company culture. These types of videos work well for recruitment purposes and improving brand awareness and loyalty.

Meet-the-team and employee profile videos help generate human interest and draw your audience in. Demonstrating your company’s core values or walking through its founding story helps people understand what your company is about. Unveiling the faces behind your brand helps to humanize it in a way that consumers can better relate to. 

Google, for example, is known for an amazing work culture. Creating a behind-the-scenes video of what it's like to be part of Google’s Cloud Team gives people an exclusive look into what it is like to work for the third most valuable brand in the world.

2. Product videos

We’ll let the data do the talking here. A survey by wyzowl found that:

  • 66% of people prefer watching a short video to learn about a product/service over reading text, attending a webinar or a sales demo
  • 96% of people watched an explainer video to learn more about a product/service
  • 84% of people were convinced to buy a product/service after watching a video

Based on these stats, product videos are low-hanging fruit and definite must-haves in your content strategy. From explainer videos that use animation or whiteboards, to tutorial videos on how to use your product, service or app, these types of videos are helpful to consumers in understanding how to get the most out of your product. 

Unboxing is one of the YouTube content ideas that have become a trend over the years. People are obsessed with them and it is common to see such videos make the top 10 list of popular videos on YouTube these days. It has also become a lucrative business for YouTube influencers too, like Ryan Toysreview, who has earned millions from his unboxing videos and toy reviews

3. Event videos

Have an event coming up? There are many videos you can create to build hype before, during and after the event. Send an informative video e-invite to your guests. Livestream the event for those unable to attend, and create thank you or feature videos of happy attendees and guest speakers after the event that can be repurposed into promotional content for the next one and upload them onto YouTube.

One brand that does this well is Coachella. The popular U.S. summer music festival live-streamed its 2011 concert on YouTube, allowing music goers who weren’t able to attend to still experience it live online. It garnered over 4 million views that year and has since grown in popularity. It is currently one of the most successful music festivals worldwide. 

While its 2020 concert has been cancelled due to COVID-19, it still utilizes its YouTube channel to build hype around its brand, releasing bonus content from previous events for premium subscribers.

4. Customer videos

As a marketer, you know that being customer-centric is key to any successful campaign. So when coming up with content ideas for YouTube, you should try getting your customers involved.

As people search for company reviews, customer testimonial videos are a good way to build brand credibility. Turn your best case studies into videos to help outline successes of your company in a more effective format. 

User-generated content (UGC) is another engaging content type. Lego encourages fans to share content for a chance to be featured on their channel. Mixing both original and UGC content has made them the most popular YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers.

5. Informative videos

Providing helpful information that is not just focused on your brand or product helps build brand authority. By touching on subjects or topics that align with the audience’s interests, you can create videos that will attract them to your YouTube channel. 

These could be listicles or top tips about an industry topic, or even a myth-busting video that helps allay customer concerns surrounding your industry. In this way, you become the voice of expertise on these subjects. The more helpful and relevant to your audience, the more it will boost your brand credibility. 

Sephora’s YouTube channel succeeds in doing this. They have playlists that target specific beauty questions and topics that are helpful to their audience. For Pride Month in 2019, they launched a YouTube video campaign featuring members of the LGBTQ+ community with the tagline “We Belong to Something Beautiful”. It was a way to not only create informative content that raised awareness about a trending issue, but also spread a message of diversity and inclusivity within the beauty industry.

There are way more than these five types of YouTube content ideas that your brand can do. You just have to search around for inspiration. Once you have them, remember to optimize your video for SEO to improve your YouTube search results’ ranking and increase traffic to your channel.


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