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The Definition of Content Marketing

May 20, 2020

Michale Breener of Marketing Insider Group
's definition of content marketing points to an activity that seeks attract an audience to visit and experience the channel managed and developed by a brand.It's a term that's been so widely used in the industry now, especially when marketers talk about digital channels but the definition of content marketing is still not common knowledge even among those who claim to do it. What is it really?

Why is it deemed so effective as a marketing approach? What makes it more effective for marketing campaigns than conventional marketing?

Content marketing is defined as a strategic focus on the creation and distribution of content that is valuable, relevant, and consistent to attract and retain a targeted audience and to drive among them profitable actions.

Crucial in this definition of content marketing is the criterion that content should be "valuable, relevant, and consistent." The consistent production of high-quality content makes content marketing useful for brand building.

This arguably differentiates a content marketing campaign from other marketing activities as an approach that pivots on the audience’s interests and needs.

Another element that distinguishes content marketing from other approaches is the use of clear metrics and measurement to measure a how a campaign brings you closer to your goals.

The objectives could be attracting the audience to learn about your brand, converting them into customers, or even making them brand advocates.

Michale Breener of Marketing Insider Group's definition of content marketing points to an activity that seeks attract an audience to visit and experience the channel managed and developed by a brand. It could be a blog, a content portal, or social media accounts.

Why is content marketing effective?

At a time when technology is filled with content, this approach provides a space for brands to reach varied target markets, compared, for example, to conventional banner ads, which can only have 2 to 3 versions per campaign.

A content campaign also has the potential to generate better average revenue per unit (ARPU), which is measured by dividing total revenue to total customers.

What does it mean? Data from previous research based suggest that if implemented on a massive scale, content campaigns can generate up to 2.5 times better ARPU compared to paid media.

Content marketing also allows you to clearly measure progress at every stage, allowing you to make more informed decisions more quickly if something’s not going well and when to optimize over the time.

We at GetCRAFT found that content marketing can make paid media campaigns more effective over time by helping them better identify an audience for retargeting ads.

This means that your paid ads reach an audience that is more likely to find it relevant, therefore increasing ad impact on business growth.

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