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Lifestyle Videos: The Secrets of Engaging Video Content

May 22, 2020

In recent years, marketers have been repeatedly told that video is the most important marketing tool that every brand should use. This has never been truer in 2019. This year, 87% of businesses use video to promote their products or services.

For many marketers, 2018 was the year they first started doing video marketing. Still, there are so many more brands that are uncertain about video. Some are concerned about the money, time, resources, and skills needed to create and run video marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is not really as daunting as it seems. Like other types of content, there are different video formats that you can choose from depending on your business objectives. At every stage of the marketing funnel, you have plenty of options for the kinds of videos you want to produce for your video marketing campaign.

Video is a great way to connect with your audience. Studies have proven that audiences love videos. A recent study by Cisco showed that projected that video traffic will take up 82% of all consumer traffic by 2021. There is really no better time to add video to your content marketing arsenal.

Brands tend to favor lifestyle videos to appeal to their audiences better. Businesses that want to engage their customers with meaningful content often produce these types of videos in order to communicate their brand’s values better.

How can you include video marketing in your digital marketing efforts, and how can you produce effective lifestyle videos to showcase your brand? Let’s find out.

The demand for video

More than the predictions on growth in viewership and increase in conversions, audiences just really prefer video content. You’ll be missing out on all the new customers you could be getting if you don’t give them the content they want.

Video marketing simply works. At least 90% of customers say that videos influence their purchase decisions. It can also support your social media and email marketing campaigns, which makes it cost-efficient. Do you want to pass up on all these opportunities?

Since customers are eager to consume video content, it just makes sense for brands to spend more on video marketing campaigns. Create custom content for every stage of the marketing funnel, so that you’ll be able to achieve your business objectives with the help of these videos.

Huge video campaigns are ideal for brand awareness. These will help you reach millions of consumers at once and educate them about what your brand can offer. You can back these videos up with paid ads on other platforms.

For product consideration, explainer and how-to videos work really well. Your audience always wants to learn something new, and these videos will help you add value to their lives by educating them. You can also show them exactly how your product or service can help them, which will influence their decision-making.

Increasingly, brands are also turning to lifestyle videos in order to stand out from their competition. How do lifestyle videos help in that regard? These will help your business show customers exactly how your product or service can contribute to their way of life by using specific cultural or ideological appeals.

Can your brand promote your values better with lifestyle videos? We’ll take a look at one example to help you understand.

Using lifestyle videos

Lifestyle videos help brands push their product or service to customers by showing off the quality of life that’s associated with the brand. These kinds of videos are specifically created with the ideal customer in mind, so that they may decide to support and purchase.

These videos feature stunning visuals as well as action shots to promote the lifestyle a customer can hope to achieve when they patronize the product or service. Lifestyle videos usually focus on what the brands offer and show them in action so that the potential customer sees exactly what’s in store for them upon purchase.

Lifestyle content also includes your target market’s interests. These videos define your brand and your market, so it carries a specific style that’s based on your own look or aesthetic.

What kinds of lifestyle videos can you produce? There are how-to videos that can help educate consumers. There are also narrative videos that can help you share a story related to your brand or product. You can also do mini-documentary videos to show examples.

Lifestyle videos are effective because they can introduce your brand and its story in an interesting way to new customers. They can also be used to push prospective customers down the funnel as they continue to consider your product for the purchase.

You can distribute these videos on different channels to reach your audiences right away. Post it on your website, share it on social networks, or promote it with paid ads. You can get more customers to be excited about what you offer them.

Avida and the Pursuit of Passion

One brand that maximizes the use of lifestyle videos is Avida. They are a real estate company, but the types of content they publish focus on the lifestyle they are promoting to customers that will choose their properties and developments.

Their content portal, Pursuit of Passion, harnesses the power of videos in order to communicate the Avida lifestyle. These videos, as well as other pieces of content on the portal, help consumers make informed choices as they go through the long consideration phase of buying a property.

How does Avida utilize lifestyle videos to promote their brand? They showcase the Avida lifestyle by featuring useful and informative content. They have how-to and DIY videos that will help their customers learn about improving and maintaining their homes. There are also interviews with young professionals who are living up to their potential.

These videos exemplify the lifestyle that Avida aims to cultivate. These kinds of content make it appear that this lifestyle will be easy to manage and achieve when you choose Avida developments. For their target market, it will be easier to decide and buy Avida properties. For new customers, it will be time to start considering Avida.

Lifestyle videos allow the brand to connect with its audience better. These kinds of videos resonate with them since they feel represented by the young and go-getting personalities they feature, and they also get helpful information on maintaining a household.

Avida’s content portal is effective because it’s all anchored on the “meaningful and balanced life” that the company wants to promote. The videos they published there support the lifestyle they want to associate with their brand, and they’re also giving their potential customers a glimpse of what they can have when they choose Avida.

Lifestyle videos can help your brand forge a connection with your customers by showing them possibilities. Creating custom content that will resonate with your target market will further establish your business as a leading choice that they will eventually pick once they’re ready to purchase.

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