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The 5 Most Important Qualities of Effective Lifestyle Content

May 22, 2020

Do you pay attention to how your audience responds to your content? If you focus too much on your product or service, you might not be getting the engagement you want from your customers. To address this, start introducing more lifestyle content to your marketing efforts.

Your audience is always looking for more than what your content offers them. Why not elevate it by publishing content that shows them the kind of life they are capable of achieving? It doesn’t always have to circle back to your product or service. It can be informative or aspirational.

Creating lifestyle content means you focus on the quality of life that you want your consumers to get. It will spark your audience’s interest in your brand since they can relate to it. It will also allow you to connect with your consumers better.

Whether you’re producing lifestyle videos or branded content, these posts should always communicate your audience’s interests, even if they are not directly related to your brand. It’s one way to prove that you support the kind of lives they lead.

How can you make sure you’re producing good lifestyle content? Keep these five things in mind to ensure that they will be valuable to your content marketing campaigns.

Has a solid brand personality

Lifestyle content is hinged on your branding. If you don’t have a solid branding persona in place, you might get lost trying to produce content and end up publishing posts that are unrelated to your brand and your audience’s lifestyles.

The success of your brand lies in how well you define it. What part of your brand can you harness to make your audience need you? What values do they hold that you can tap to show your genuine interest in their lifestyles?

Your brand has to be the extension of your customers’ behavior. This is how you get them to engage with you. The only way to make sure you are in line with their values is to define your own first and find common ground to start from.

Understands the target audience

The focus of lifestyle content is your audience’s experiences. You have to understand the kind of lives your audience leads. This is the best way to connect with them and get the engagement you’re aiming for.

When planning your content, ask questions that matter: What are their shared experiences? Do they patronize different kinds of lifestyles? How can your brand align with these?

The answers to these questions will help you craft relevant and useful lifestyle content that will resonate with your audience. Use them to produce pieces of content that are in line with your marketing objectives and maintains interest in your audience’s goals.

Not focused on the product

In general, content marketing takes the focus away from the product or service the brand has to offer. This is especially true for lifestyle content. It can be tempting to keep circling back to your product or service to show how it’s relevant to your audience’s lifestyle but don’t do it. Your audience will realize that on your own.

Instead, use this opportunity to establish yourself as a tastemaker or trendsetter. Using your content to pique your consumers’ interest instead of pushing your product or service to them is what will keep them coming back. This is your chance to draw them into your brand.

Calls to action should be very limited in lifestyle content. The quality of the content should spur the audience to action instead. If they find your post helpful or informative, they will share it as they please. That’s why it’s important to make sure your posts appeal to them straightforwardly.

Stays consistent

Once you have your branding and buyer persona down pat, you can take the time to define every part of their lifestyle that you want to capture. This way, you’ll have more opportunities to draw them to your content and allow them to engage with it the way they should.

When your audience sees that you are dedicated to supporting their lifestyle, they are more likely to share your content. The best way to get through to them is by regularly publishing content that is relevant to their interests. Once your audience is already engaged, you should start speaking to them consistently.

Lifestyle content allows you to prove that you are in the know and that they can trust you to find out what they could be missing out on. That is why every chance you get, you should feed them with information that they would appreciate learning about. Doing it often will establish you as a go-to brand that they can turn to for content.

Not intended to get quick results

Lastly, publishing lifestyle content is part of a long-term content marketing strategy. It’s not going to show results in terms of conversions or sales immediately. What you’re doing is fostering a connection with your audience. Give them time to warm up to your brand.

You will be playing the long game. This is part of what will make your lifestyle content more effective. Your brand needs to maintain your audience’s interest, so you have to keep publishing content that will keep your brand at the top of your consumers’ mind. When you turn them into smarter consumers, they will see how relevant your brand is to their lives.

Make sure your content delivers on your promise to create a more informed audience. Don’t expect them to act and spike your sales immediately. Instead, let them be ambassadors of your brand and allow them to make their own decisions. Use your content to lead them there.

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