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How Sponsored Content Helps Fight Ad Fatigue

May 21, 2020

Consumers who are always online tend to be willing consumers, alright, but when they are shown the same material over and again or too many stimulating creatives all at once, even the most catchy ad can become irrelevant, forgettable and maybe annoying.

That feeling is called ad fatigue, a condition wherein consumers are no longer moved by or not even inclined to engage with a particular ad.

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Ad fatigue is not something consumers feel intentionally. In fact, sometimes consumers don’t realize that they don’t notice ads anymore. The product might be useful or the brand might be exactly what they need, but sometimes the ad has lost its magic or has itself been lost in the din.

Mapping out images or using new CTAs might help, but a better way to fight ad fatigue is sponsored content.

Sponsored content offers consumers information they need or want

Sponsored content are native ads, which we define as paid content that take the form and function of the media in which they appear. By this definition, sponsored content is not interruptive and lend themselves to consumption by a susceptible audience.

Ad fatigue prompts consumers to put their guards up; sponsored content catches them with their guard down. Sponsored content is that article a shampoo brand paid for, which you end up reading when you’re already in the hair care section because you’re researching about dry hair.

A good example of this is a sponsored article that published for the Huawei P20 Pro. As is a lifestyle publisher popular for reviewing events such as concerts, the Huawei article was about how readers can use smartphones to take photos at concerts felt at home and non-intrusive.

You get to tell lots of different stories through sponsored content

Sponsored content makes it possible for brands to simultaneously communicate more than one message in several exciting ways. This helps fight ad fatigue by making sure there is diversity of content but also increases the possibility of providing users with content that is highly relevant to them.

GetCraft CEO and Co-Founder Patrick Searle says that you can create up to 69 stories per month by successfully identifying the key content areas of your brand, and by working with partner publishers and influencers to create content for every part of the purchase funnel.

Start by choosing a partner publisher that matches your brand, identifying the content buckets they follow and co-creating with them content across the purchase funnel. This gives you a matrix that you can fill with content that hits different bucket-funnel combinations.

Keep in mind that you are also not limited to content partners within your product category, allowing you to create stories for potential consumers who are existing consumers of publishers or influencers in other content or product categories.

The Huawei example again illustrates this approach well, as it targeted concert-goers. The campaign’s audience also included those who are into fashion and travel through Preview Magazine and Cosmopolitan Travel articles that featured photos taken using the Huawei P20 Pro.

Crucial to preventing ad fatigue is the creation of diverse and highly relevant content, something that sponsored content helps you easily achieve. Finding the right publisher or influencer for your brand is also simpler now with our network giving you thousands of options.

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