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Top 10 Singaporean Freelance Writers For Brands To Work With

Aren Wong
October 16, 2020

The Singaporean freelance scene is brimming with potential. We know this because we’ve seen some of the best Singaporean creatives collaborate successfully with different brands through the GetCraft platform over the years.

As the number of creators joining the GetCraft network increases, we want to inspire each and every one of them into maximizing our platform’s full potential when it comes to landing clients and honing their craft at the same time.

To do this, we’ve recently started our Top Creators series where we list down some of the best creators on the platform according to their category and the country they’re from. We already did the top freelance writers for Malaysia and the Philippines last week, so this time around we’re sharing the top Singaporean writers on the GetCraft network.

For full transparency, this list was determined using the following criteria:

  • Years of experience as a professional in their respective area of content creation
  • Experience level of working with clients within the area of expertise
  • Quality level of published or showcased content created

Here are the Top 10 Singaporean writers on the GetCraft Network!

1. Huizhen

Working for 3 years at one of the world's most awarded advertising agencies has honed  Huizhen's analysis, research, strategy, presentation, and writing skills. Their versatility had led them to work on campaigns with big brands like Microsoft, Lancôme and Chanel.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Copywriting

Expertise: FMCG, Tourism, Agency, Banking, Art, Design & Home, Finance, Writing, Beauty

Price: Contact creator for price

See Huizhen’s Profile here!

2. Kat Goh

As managing editor and co-founder of Asia 361, Kat is no stranger to being at the helm of a team of contributors. Before exploring editorial work in recent years, she spent 13 years in public relations and worked with multinational corporations such as Daimler, PayPal, and Johnson & Johnson.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Content Writing, Photography

Expertise: Travel, Food & Beverage, Beauty

Price: USD 587 - USD 1,100

See Kat’s Profile here!

3. yasmeensg

Great storytelling is behind campaigns that resonate with the audience. Yasmeen is no stranger to this concept after having led the team behind StarHub's campaign "Sparky," which is recognized as the brand's most successful marketing campaign to date. In over 2 decades of leading brand and marketing campaigns, she has also worked with companies like Microsoft, Singapore Telecommunications, and MTV. She currently runs The Buzz Network, a Marketing Consultancy and Content Creation business.

Type of Services Offered: Marketing Consultancy, Lifestyle Writing

Expertise: Corporate, Marketing, Business

Price: USD 367 - USD 624

See Yasmeen’s Profile here!

4. Gary Gan

Over 15 years in the B2B industry has made  Gary an expert at leading marketing campaigns for complex business solutions. In his tenure, he has successfully assembled and led multi-functional teams from several geographical locations.

Type of Services Offered: Copywriting

Expertise: B2B, Technical, Manufacturing

Price: USD 147

See Gary’s Profile here!

5. Sandy

Years in the media, production, and publishing industries have made Sandy a n all-around expert in conceptualizing, creating, strategizing, and editing content. Her meticulous and detail-oriented processes are critical in delivering successful projects.

Type of Services Offered: Content Writing, Editing

Expertise: Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle

Price: USD 183 - USD 477

See Sandy’s Profile here!

6. Sridhar

With more than two decades of experience in leading advertising agencies, Sridhar's track record of success includes local, regional, and global multi-media campaigns for famous brands. He prides himself on bringing two crucial things to every project: ideas and results.

Type of Services Offered: Branding, Copywriting

Expertise: Automotive, Finance

Price: Contact creator for price

See Sridhar’s Profile here!

7. Hwee Hwee Tan

Hwee Hwee is a multi-awarded journalist and copywriter whose work has been recognized by the BBC, New York Times, and the Singapore Literature Prize. Her passion for storytelling has driven her to obtain Masters degress in English and Creative Writing from Oxford University and New York University respectively.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Editing

Expertise: Property, Art, Design & Home, People & Entertainment

Price: USD 367 - USD 403

See Hwee Hwee’s Profile here!

8. More Than Words

A full-time copywriter and producer for radio commercials, More Than Words continues honing her craft by writing all forms of copy for brands from different industries. Her previous experience in creative agencies also allowed her to handle copywriting for social media.

Type of Services Offered: Copywriting

Expertise: Automotive, Beauty, Social Media

Price: USD 65

See More Than Words’ Profile here!

9. Marc Nair

Marc is in constant pursuit of his passion for the arts as  a creative director, writer, photographer, and curator. His long list of successful projects include collaborations with Nespresso, Costa Coffee, Perrier Jouet, AWARE, Singtel, and BURO 24/7. He is also a poet who has performed spoken word internationally and published ten poetry collections.

Type of Services Offered: Scriptwriting, Voiceover

Expertise: Travel, Gadget, Games & Technology

Price: USD 734

See Marc’s Profile here!

10. Sanjay Revee

Before taking on the role of Creative Director with his current company, Sanjay began his career as a Writer/Director for several multi-awarded documentaries which explored the different cultures and social issues in Asia.

Since then, he has worked on various regional and international shows including: Amazing Race US, The Martha Stewart Show (The Travel Channel US), and Asia's Got Talent. He has also directed branded content for various international brands including MasterCard, Hilton, W Hotel, Samsung, and Netflix Asia.

Type of Services Offered: Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Producing

Expertise: Tourism, Hospitality, Parenting & Education

Price: USD 367 - USD 734

See Sanjay’s Profile here!

And that completes our list of top Singaporean freelance writers on the GetCraft network! Did you see any familiar names and faces? If you want more informative content from GetCraft, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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