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Top 10 Malaysian Freelance Writers For Brands To Work With

Aren Wong
October 16, 2020

The GetCraft network in Malaysia has grown quite a lot since it first began a few years back. With more creatives connecting with brands and successfully collaborating on marketing campaigns through the GetCraft platform, we wanted to highlight some of the best marketing creatives in the country, according to their respective fields of expertise.

In this article, we get to know the Top 10 Malaysian writers on the GetCraft network. For full transparency, this list was determined using the following criteria:

  • Years of experience as a professional in their respective area of content creation
  • Experience level of working with clients within the area of expertise
  • Quality level of published or showcased content created

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Malaysian writers on the GetCraft Network!

1. Eliza Thomas

Eliza can be your go-to writer and editor for content related to beauty and lifestyle. Her experience in these industries allow her to create a variety of content including: articles, interviews, features, reports, copy, press releases, and many more.

Type of Services Offered: Articles, Interviews, Features, Reports, Copy, Press Releases

Expertise: Female Lifestyle, People and Entertainment

Price: USD 48 - USD 119 

See Eliza’s Profile here!

2. Ellfian Rahim

With over two decades of experience as a journalist and copywriter in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, Ellfian offers his diverse skills as a writer and editor to the automotive, food and beverage, and lifestyle industries.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Automotive, Lifestyle

Price: USD 60

See Ellfian’s Profile here!

3. Curly Jow

Curly’s portfolio includes written content that spans multiple industries including entertainment, food and beverage, lifestyle, and travel. Aside from content writing and editing, he also has experience in copywriting, video direction, and voiceover work.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Beauty, Lifestyle

Price: USD 72

See Curly’s Profile here!

4. Alice Jommakanlife Writes

For over two decades now, clients have been leaving their content in the capable hands of Alice. Her diverse portfolio includes writing and editing content for multiple brands within the food and beverage, lifestyle, and travel industries.

Type of Services Offered: Customized Editorial Content Writing, Finance Article Writing

Expertise: Finance, Lifestyle, Travel

Price: USD 143 - USD 191

See Alice’s Profile here!

5. Lily Shah

As a magazine editor by profession, Lily is well-versed in content creation and strategy. She uses these skills in her profession as a blogger at, where she writes about topics related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and parenting.

Type of Services Offered: Blog Writing, Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Instagram Sponsored Video

Expertise: Beauty, Lifestyle, Parenting

Price: USD 36 - USD 167

See Lily’s Profile here!

6. kdecruz

Kdecruz is a content writer, editor, and social media strategist who enjoys leveraging social media to meet business goals. Her background in Communications and Psychology are an edge in strategizing for clients coming from multiple industries.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Translation, Photography

Expertise: Business, Corporate, Marketing

Price: USD 48 - USD 119

See kdecruz’s Profile here!

7. The Wordsmith

The Wordsmith is a creative storyteller experienced in creating feature profiles and conducting personality interviews for the entertainment and fashion industry. Her portfolio of work includes articles, press releases, and ghostwriting. She is also open to opportunities in working with brands for social media campaigns.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Ghostwriting, Press Releases

Expertise: Female Lifestyle, Entertainment

Price: Contact creator for price

See The Wordsmith’s Profile here!

8. Desiree Tresa Gasper

After over 8 years in print and video journalism, Desiree began exploring a career in freelance content writing and copywriting. She uses her past experiences in print to create advertorials and articles in the business, entertainment, family, lifestyle, and travel industries. She also offers translation services from Bahasa Malaysia to English.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Entertainment

Price: USD 119

See Desiree’s Profile Here!

9. Indra Irwan

Indra’s experience in writing content for both digital and traditional media is a definite edge when fulfilling client briefs. As the head of a creative group, her leadership skills have been crucial in leading teams to successful projects in the food and beverage, games, lifestyle, and technology industries.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Copywriting, Editing, Translation

Expertise: Art & Design, Automotive, Beauty, Business, Corporate, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Beverage, Health & Pharma, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel

Price: Contact creator for price

See Indra’s Profile here!

10. Puspadevi Subramaniam

With a portfolio that covers a variety of topics ranging from business to fashion, Puspadevi offers versatility in her article writing, editing, and copywriting services. Prior experience as a financial writer for The Star and a three-year stint writing food reviews and chef profiles also gives Puspadevi an advantage in creating content for the publishing industry.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing, Copywriting, Editing

Expertise: Corporate

Price: USD 119

See Puspadevi’s Profile here!

And that completes our list of Top 10 Malaysian writers on the GetCraft network! Did you see any familiar names and faces? If you want more informative content from GetCraft, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

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