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Top 10 Filipino Freelance Writers For Brands To Work With

Aren Wong
September 23, 2020

As the GetCraft network continues to expand in the Philippines, more and more Filipino writers are joining our community of vetted professionals. In the few years since our operations in the country began, over 100 Fillipino writers have had their profiles added to our platform. This is why we wanted to highlight some of the best writers that brands can work with through the network!

In this article, we get to know the Top 10 Filipino writers on the GetCraft network. For full transparency, this list was determined using the following criteria:

  • Years of experience as a professional in their respective area of content creation
  • Experience level of working with clients within the area of expertise
  • Quality level of published or showcased content created

Read on to meet the Top 10 Filipino writers on the GetCraft Network!

1. April Mae M. Berza

A prolific and versatile writer, April’s work has been published across multiple publications worldwide — including Buzzfeed, Medium, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and The Manila Times. She has worked with companies in the USA, England, Japan, Canada, and the Philippines.

Type of Services Offered: Blogging, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Translation 

Expertise: Travel, Food & Beverage, Health & Pharma

Price: USD 98

See April's Profile here!

2. Angel C. Aquino

With over a decade of professional work as a content writer and editor in both digital and print publishing, Angel has both skills and experience under her belt.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Health, Lifestyle, Travel

Price: USD 49

See Angel's Profile here!

3. Peter Imbong

Peter is a writer, editor, and digital content manager whose versatile skills include copywriting, journalism, public relations, and social media management. Over 10 years of experience in the industry has made him an expert in covering a variety of topics.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Lifestyle

Price: USD 98

See Peter's Profile here!

4. Mimi Tiu

Mimi Tui is all about professionalism and adaptability. With over two decades of combined experience in the publishing and digital industries, there is no doubt that she has mastered crafting all forms of content for her specialization: the female market.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Parenting & Education

Price: USD 59

See Mimi's Profile here!

5. Maris Mortel-Hiruntrakul

Maris is a communications professional with significant work experience in writing and editing for both print and online editorial publications. Years in the industry has allowed her to fully grasp content creation for topics related to beauty, lifestyle, and parenting.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Parenting & Education

Price: USD 39

See Maris' Profile here!

6. Maika Bernardo

Maika has worked with plenty of brands and publishers in the Philippines, including household names like Cosmopolitan and Preview PH. Over a decade of professional experience has helped her improve her craft for writing, editing, and managing both print and digital content for lifestyle publications. 

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Fashion, Lifestyle

Price: USD 39 

See Maika's Profile here!

7. Pierra Labrador

As a former magazine editor turned freelance writer/editor and fashion stylist, Pierra loves sharing stories about art, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. She has previously worked as a contributor for Fifi’s Finds, a shopping column on the Manila Bulletin.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Travel

Price: USD 98 - USD 195 

See Pierra's Profile here!

8. Lorraine Balita-Centeno

After over 15 years of professional experience as a writer, Loraine has written and edited pieces for various magazines, newspapers, and websites both locally and internationally. She has experience in writing about the following topics: travel, parents & education, health & pharma, gadget, games, & technology, food & beverage, and female lifestyle.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Parenting & Education

Price: USD 49 

See Loraine's Profile here!

9. Ines Bautista-Yao

There is no doubt that Ines has a way with words. She has worked for quite a few magazines in the country — beginning as a features writer and eventually working her way to become editor-in-chief. She has mainly written articles for topics connected to female lifestyle and parenting. Ines is also a published author of many young adult romance books.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Lifestyle, Parenting & Education

Price: USD 49 

See Ines' Profile here!

10. Kris Alcantara

With more than a decade of experience in storytelling for multiple Philippine publications including and Esquire, Kris has a strong grasp of digital content, lifestyle journalism, and content marketing.

Type of Services Offered: Article Writing

Expertise: Food & Beverage

Price: USD 39 

See Kris' Profile here!

And that completes our list of Top 10 Filipino writers on the GetCraft network! Did you see any familiar names and faces? If you want more informative content from GetCraft, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

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