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Simple Practices To Help Boost Creativity In The Workplace

May 21, 2020

We all want creativity in the workplace. It’s long ventured into cliché territory when a company says that they want to run a workplace that fosters people’s creativity.

However, if you’ve been working for quite some time now—especially in marketing—you know this isn’t always the case.

The struggle comes in during the implementation. How are projects managed in your workplace? Do your processes hinder creativity from flourishing? Or maybe, even if your intentions are good, some of the most basic things you’re doing do not maximize your productivity.

Here's the good news: It’s never too late to make a swerve for the better. Here are some simple practices to help unleash creativity in your workplace.

Emails are for communication, not for collaboration.

Emails are a staple in the office. For many, it’s both the primary and the appropriate means for workplace communication.

In creative industries though, email’s features may not be the best for collaboration. Communication is not always fluid. You have to go back and forth between visuals and text. Also, imagine how hard it would be for everyone if there are multiple threads with revisions coming from different directions.

What may maximize your team’s productivity is switching to a platform designed for collaboration, like Slack or Trello. These apps have features that keep communication more organized but also more natural. Experiment and see what works best for your workplace.

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But if it’s still team meetings you’re looking for, here’s another tip:

Don’t hold too many meetings. If you do, keep them short.

While meetings are a good avenue for getting direct feedback from one another in your team, you may burden yourselves with repetition to the point of being unproductive.

Check your calendar. If your meetings are with the same people, stretching for hours on end, you may have a problem.

To be creative, you should be given time to work on your projects in your own time, in your own space (whether it’s in an office or a coffee shop). You can’t do that if you’re locked in a board room.

Encourage more flexible working conditions in your office. Limit meetings only to when they’re critical. If you do set a meeting, make sure the agenda is clear, and try to keep it time-bound. This way you may maximize your days better.

Hold “sprint” sessions.

As mentioned earlier, it’s fine to hold meetings if needed. Here’s a kind of meeting that may be helpful for your office.

Organize meetings that are not just about work. Start your week with a short 15-minute “sprint” where you share learnings over the weekend.

Keep it fun and informal. Don’t make it feel like a requirement. This way, not only do you get to see what genuinely interests one another but you’ll also get to hear about new ideas that may be of use for future projects.

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Don’t be burdened by the “how” right away.

Fostering creativity in the workplace is more of a mindset shift rather than an actual practice.

When it comes to ideating projects, there’s a tendency to negate ourselves early on because of logistics.

Try switching perspectives. Let ideas gain legs first. Ask questions, if it doesn’t work, why so? What could make it work?

At times, the best ideas aren’t those that are sparks of genius, but from seeds that were allowed to grow.

Creativity is at times easier said than done, and these are just some tips on how to get your staff think more creatively. If they don’t work, don’t be afraid to re-do them or switch them up. Part of being in a creative office is the willingness to start again until you get things right.

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