How Brands Are Tapping Into Esports Industry

The world of Esports has witnessed immense growth in recent years. People of all ages and demographics are engaging with games, making the industry a lucrative playing ground for brands to reach a wider audience.

Established brands are seizing this opportunity but others are still hesitant to invest.

In this marketers meetup, we'll be discussing what Esports is? How can marketers tap into this growing audience? Insights, tips and actionable tactics to help marketers take their marketing game to the next level!
Other questions we will tackle in our session:

  • What does the rise of Esports mean for brands?
  • Why tapping into Esports should be on top of the mind for marketers?
  • What kind of brand activation happens in Esports?
  • What are the key principles to keep in mind when collaborating with Esports and online gaming?
  • How have brands successfully leveraged Esports to their advantage?
  • How to move ahead with the Esports marketing plan?

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Game On: How Brands Are Tapping Into Esports Industry

with Ricky Setiawan (Chief Executive Officer, GGWP.ID) and Hartman Harris (Co-founder, EVOS Esports)

at 18.30 - 20.00 WIB, FREE

*This webinar will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia

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